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Hillside Dental Temporary Closure

Hillside Dental Q&A 

When will Hillside Dental temporarily close?  

It will temporarily close effective Nov. 20, 2023.  

When will Hillside Dental reopen for dental patients? 

Hillside Dental will reopen in 2024. 

Why is Hillside Dental temporarily closing? 

The main reason for the temporary closing is due to our shortage of dental providers: the departure of a dentist and another provider who will be out of the office for an extended period. 

Where can Hillside dental patients go to be served by other Progressive CHC dentists and dental staff? 

Patients are welcome to see our other dentists and registered dental hygienists at Lisbon Avenue Health Center; patients of Hillside Dental with existing appointments are being rescheduled with Lisbon Avenue Health providers at their same time and date.  

How long would the wait time be to get in for an appointment? 

New dental appointments are being scheduled two months out currently; however, appointment availability is based on procedure. You should call us at 414-935-8000 to find out when you can make an appointment. Walk-in dental emergency services are available on a first-come, first-served basis M-F beginning at 8am.  

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