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Progressive Community Health Centers exists to improve the health and quality of life of the community by providing culturally competent services that address identified needs.

We lead by our values of compassion, service, quality , and empowerment. 

As a Federally Qualified Health Center, we rely on funds from the federal government to pay for salaries, operational costs, and program expansions. However, this funding, while generous, can go up or down depending on Congress.

We need you to help us fill the gaps to live out our mission and values. 

A donation in the following areas will help us do that: 

Compassion. Progressive doesn’t turn anyone away due to their ability or inability to pay for services. A gift of $35 could cover the cost of a primary care, women’s health, behavioral health, basic dental, or urgent care visit for a patient who is eligible for our Sliding Scale Fee program.*

Service. Progressive is always searching for talented individuals to join our team. A gift of $100 could cover the cost of recruiting and retaining top talent in the area. 

Quality. To collaborate best with the community on improved health outcomes, we need to stay updated on best practices of care and training and credentialing of our staff. A gift of $150 could cover the cost of training for a Progressive employee so our patients continue to get the best care. 

Empowerment. Progressive patients are in the driver’s seat of their care, but they may struggle in other areas of life that hinder their ability to attend an appointment. A gift of $60 or more  could cover a utility bill, a tank of gas, or a monthly bus pass. 

*Major dental and laboratory services are not discounted as much as other services.

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