Women’s Health Dept. Offers Prenatal Services for Expectant Mothers

Progressive Community Health Centers is very happy to now accept prenatal patients in the Women’s Health department, located on the second floor of the Lisbon Avenue Health Center. If you are pregnant or think you may be pregnant, please call 414-935-8000 to make an appointment right away.
It is very important for pregnant women to get early and regular prenatal care. Doctors can spot and treat problems early when they see mothers regularly, helping to keep both mother and baby healthy. Additionally, PCHC offers programs for pregnant women to help them reduce harmful use of tobacco products and alcohol. Financial counselors can also help prenatal patients enroll in temporary health insurance for pregnant women through BadgerCare Plus.
The Women’s Health department can help you manage your health at any time in your life with additional gynecological services, annual exams, pregnancy testing, family planning services (birth control), breast health screenings, STD treatment and menopausal care.