COVID-19 Vaccine Now Available

Our COVID-19 vaccination clinic is open at the Lisbon Avenue Health Center (3522 W. Lisbon Avenue) on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 8am until 4pm. Appointments are encouraged, but walk-ins are welcome. Call (414) 935-8000 for more information.

Who is currently eligible for COVID-19 vaccination?
In Wisconsin, vaccines are currently available for people 12 years and older. Everyone should talk to their doctor about getting vaccinated.

What vaccine(s) are you offering?
We are currently offering the Moderna vaccine, which is authorized for populations age 18 and older. Pfizer is the only vaccine authorized for those 12 and older at this time. All three vaccines currently available in the United States have been proven highly effective and safe. Adults are encouraged to get vaccinated with whatever option becomes available to them first. Those seeking Pfizer (2 dose) or Johnson & Johnson (1 dose) vaccines should consider alternative options by calling 211 or searching at

How many shots do I need?
The number of doses you require depends on the vaccine type. The Moderna vaccines requires two doses. The second dose must be taken four weeks after the first and must be from the same brand. You are considered fully vaccinated two weeks after your second shot. If it has been less than two weeks since your shot, or if you still need to get your second shot, you are NOT fully protected. Keep taking all prevention steps until you are fully vaccinated (two weeks after your final shot).

Can I get COVID-19 from the vaccine?
No, you cannot. The available vaccines do NOT contain the live virus that causes COVID-19. COVID-19 vaccines use either messenger RNA (mRNA) or a safe version of a different virus (a vector) to deliver important instructions on how to fight the virus. Cells within our bodies use these instructions to create a specific protein needed to build immunity.

Are there side effects from the vaccine?
About 20% of people do experience mild side effects, such as tiredness, sore arm, fever and nausea, for one to two days. This is completely normal and means that both your immune system and the vaccine are doing their job. All results from vaccine trials show a quick recovery from symptoms and no serious side effects. If your symptoms worsen, contact your medical provider.

I’ve already had COVID-19, do I need to get the vaccine?
We recommend that all individuals be vaccinated, even if you have already been diagnosed with COVID-19. There is no way to know whether or not you have enough immunity from your past exposure, and it is best to protect yourself with the vaccine.

Can I get the vaccine if I’m pregnant?
People who are pregnant are eligible for COVID-19 vaccines under current state guidelines. Please talk to your doctor or midwife about the vaccine.

Who should NOT get vaccinated?

  • People with a severe allergy to a vaccine ingredient or to any vaccine.
  • People younger than 12 years old.
  • People who have COVID-19 symptoms or are isolated because of an exposure RIGHT NOW. You can get vaccinated after you have recovered or are out of isolation.

How long does immunity from COVID-19 vaccination last?
But based on clinical trials, experts know that vaccine-related immunity lasts a minimum of six months, likely longer. The CDC will keep the public informed as new evidence becomes available.

Do I still need to wear a mask and social distance if I have been vaccinated?
Fully vaccinated people can resume activities without wearing a mask or physically distancing, except where required by federal or local law. Private businesses are allowed to implement their own mask requirements. Progressive Community Health Centers continues to require mask wearing at all of its facilities in accordance with recommended CDC guidelines in healthcare environments.

How much does the vaccine cost?
There is no cost to individuals to receive the COVID-19 vaccine, but we will collect insurance information during the registration process so administration fees can be traced properly. If you are uninsured, there is still no cost for vaccination.

Do you still offer COVID-19 testing?
Yes. COVID-19 testing is still available for those experiencing symptoms. If you have COVID-19 symptoms, please contact our COVID triage line at (414) 882-2040 to be assessed by a medical provider over the phone.