Black Infant Mortality: Seek an OB/Gyn

Found on JSOnline: An article discusses the black infant mortality issue in Milwaukee, which many people wrongly assume is a problem that only pertains to low-income, less-educated, uninsured or under-insured African Americans.

“Milwaukee Health Services is always packed with patients because there is a health care disparity in the city. Those with the highest needs have the most limited access to health care. Milwaukee’s inner city is mostly devoid of physicians, dentists and other health care providers.” -JSOnline

At Progressive Community Health Centers, our Ob/Gyn department works with Milwaukee Health Services in a call pool. Both departments have excellent outcomes in terms of premature deliveries, low-birthweight babies and infant mortality. The goal is to drive more patients into our Ob/Gyn services, which is one way in which we can positively impact the black infant mortality rate in Milwaukee.